Why should you use HPTLC for botanical identification?

  • HPTLC is the only single test that allows for 100% botanical ingredient identification.
  • HPTLC is the primary chemical test for identification of all pharmacopoeia monographs on botanicals (including USP)
  • The acceptance and performance of HPTLC is demonstrated by the China HPTLC Atlas, AHP monographs, and the USP Dietary Supplement Compendium
  • HPTLC fingerprints do not just give a correlation coefficient but visually show the similarities and differences between samples and references on the same plate
  • In addition to identity an HPTLC fingerprint can also give quantitative information (intensity of bands) about a sample for batch to batch comparison
  • HPTLC can also be used for assays (potency), purity (adulteration), and stability studies (shelf life)
  • Versus HPTLC, techniques like HPLC are more time consuming and have limited detectability of non UV absorbing compounds
  • Unlike HPLC, HPTLC preserves the complete sample for analysis, so nothing is "hidden" if it doesn't elute

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