The CAMAG Botanical Methods Collection

  • What is the Botanical Methods Collection?

    It is a comprehensive collection of 100 methods for the identification of botanicals. Each method has a corresponding reference image that can be used to determine the identity of your botanical sample. Click here to see the list of methods included in the collection.

  • Why should I use the Botanical Methods Collection?

    One of the most difficult steps in using any new analytical tool is getting started! The methods from this collection allow you to immediately start analyzing samples and getting real results. All written methods in the collection are based on pharmacopeial methods and therefore are validated. By running these written methods in conjunction with your CAMAG instrumentation (and passing the system suitability test) then you are able to cross validate your results. This is the easiest path to compliance!

  • What does a typical method from the Collection look like?

    Each method contains 3 major pieces: a written method, an instrument method for use with your CAMAG instruments, and an image comparison tool with a reference image. Here are some examples of what is included (click on each to see an example):

    - The written method (You may need to right-click and save the PDF)
    - The image comparison tool (with reference image)

  • What else does the Collection contain?

    The Collection also contains all of the necessary SOPs for performing HPTLC in your lab. These SOPs can be integrated into your existing Quality Management System (a requirement of the new cGMPs), along with the written methods from the Collection as well. This will save your staff a lot of time and trouble!

  • Will there be more methods to come from CAMAG in the future?

    Yes, CAMAG will be selling more methods in the future. The goal is to eventually have a collection that covers the most common botanicals in use in the industry.
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